B/Bogahakumbura  Secondary  School  is  Situated  in  Bogahakumbura  rural  town.  It is  in  Welimada  Zone  in  Badulla  District.  The  School  has  been  able  to  maintain  a  good  reputation  in  the  area, "  by playing  great  roles  in  the  fields  of  Education"  sports  and  in  many  other extra  curricular  school  activities.  The  founder  of  the school  is " Ven.  Seelarathana  thero"  the  chief  incumbent  of   Alawathugoda  Viharaya  at  that  time.  However  the  school  has  fulfilled  duties  for  about  60  years  since   1953 .   Bogahakumbura  school  has  managed  to  gift  very  important  citizens"  holding  high  posts"  to  the  nation.  Bogahakumbura  Secondary  school  look forward  to do  a  greate  service  to  the  country  by  facing  all  the  future  challenges.
What's NEW?

  •    B/Bogahakumbura Maha Vidyalaya celebrates it's 60 th anniversary. on 4th of December and 5th of December
  •    Pirith ceromony and Arms giving will be organized in 4th $ 5th of December.

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B/Bogahakumbura Mahavidyalaya develops as a secondary school in Welimada educational zone.
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